Sunday 11 October 2009

Investment Property For Sale

Short Term Websites

Most people realise that websites provide a cost effective way to promote their business, but websites shouldn't just be restricted to your main business website.

The House of Elliott Estates approached us when they were looking to sell their Spa. They needed a presence on the Internet to help promote the sale of their investment property in sheffield.

Within 1 day they had their website with a dedicated domain name for just £50.

The Spa is fully rented out by numerous businesses that operate there, including a hair salon, swimming pool and various health and beauty treatments. Providing more than £41,000 per year gross profit in rent, these business premises offer a remarkable return on investment.

Short term websites are useful for: Specific marketing campaigns or promotions, SEO with specific search term targeting, one off sales of houses, business or personal items.

You can link to your website from emails, forum postings, adverts etc., benefit from search engine traffic and track the number of visitors.

We hope our clients websites helps them to sell their investment property.

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